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The shoot


I have put together these clips to give you an idea of what goes on on my sets. Here you can see me and my teams at work in different settings: on location and in studio.

A shoot is very much like a performance with many key players involved: art directors, producers, hair and makeup artists, fashion, prop and interior stylists, models, clients, assistants and the photographer, of course. We go through proper recces, castings, meetings with clients, artistic teams and producers. Once the team comes together, locations secured with permits or rental fees, we are all set for the shoot. I work with a trusted team to ensure a smooth and efficient shoot.


Shooting outdoors of course comes with its own set of lighting conditions, dependent on the sun’s position and weather. I sometimes create a very elaborate set-up with lots of lighting and equipment. Other times, I minimize the set and team depending on the conditions, the required result, and the budgets and time allocated for each shot.

Shooting indoors at a studio or location involves different kinds of set-ups. At a studio, whole sets can be designed and built with the help of set designers and set builders, while at other times a simple backdrop is all that is required. Lighting is 100% controlled by my flash setup, this can be done using as little as 1 flash head, or as many as up to 10. On location indoors, we take advantage of the interior architectural elements, add or take out furniture and use props as required. I like to use whatever natural light I can get from the windows, backed up with some flash and other light sources. I feel that this gives my photos a rich and natural feel.

Post production and Digital retouching

What happens after a shoot is very important as well. The first step is the selection process. Hundreds of variations are shot during the shoot, picking the best ones for publishing is very important. The last stage is the digital retouching. When possible I do my own retouching, otherwise I have it done by a professional. I believe in minimal retouching. Here you find two examples of extensive retouching on skin, it’s not the usual, but some post production is always necessary for published work.