Why do we opt for a content management system ?


The use of a Content Management System ( CMS ) for developing a web sites will give its owners numerous advantages over the typical wed sites developed in plain HTML.

  • It allows the production of interactive web sites, where site owners and administrators can easily add new articles or edit existing content;
  • It opens the site for the end users to add comments or respond to questions and polls that you place on the web site;
  • Technical programming is not required to add such content and a brief training should be enough;
  • CMS can manage site accessibly and set privileges for both editing and accessing of the content, so users can have sections dedicated to their group while invisible to the general public.


QI would like to sell some products on our web site, but I am not very tech savy. Will it be easy for me to manage my online store ?

AnswerOnce your e-commerce site has been developed, we will give you a brief training session that will enable you to administer your store. For a store having less than 200 products, any modification can be imported via an Excel file. We will be here for you whenever you need our support.



Should we invest time promoting our business on social media ?

AnswerWith the vast majority of Internet users interacting on Social Media, it has become an efficient tool to introduce your business to more people. You should avoid doing a sales pitch on social media and concentrate on enlarging the social sphere where your business  is known. Go in details about your field and what makes your business so distinctive. While having a Facebook page or a twitter account is free, making an impact through such media requires time. We can guide you on how to build your community and not waste your time.



What fees will you be taking to buid our web site ?

AnswerOur fees vary with the size of your content, number of pages, and the type of features you would like to include. This is one of the reasons that pushed us toward offering a complimentary first meeting. We usually conclude such a meeting with a clear estimate of our fees and what you will be getting in exchange. We commit that our fees are quite reasonable and comparable to what is usually charge by web developers.



Where do we do the free first meeting ?

AnswerIf you are located in the Montreal region, we will gladly come to you. Beyond our territory, we will gladly meet with you in our office or online. We have done several sites coordinating with our customer over Skype.



How many email accounts do we get, what is their capacity?

AnswerThere is no limit to the number of email accounts that we can set, with 5 accounts configured for free when your site is put online. Your domain will be able to send up to 400 emails per hour and has a 500MB mailbox capacity. If you want anticipate higher requirements, we can supply a customized email package.



We don't have much content to put on our pages, could you help us generating text and artwork ?

AnswerAbsolutely ! If you already have the content for your web site, we will gladly use it. Otherwise, we can prepare graphic and text in both English and French.




We offer a free preliminary meeting

This friendly meeting is a great opportunity to explain your needs
and understand what online solutions to adopt for your business.

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