At Site-Pro we pride ourselves for offering professional looking web sites at affordable prices, making our services the right option for small businesses. Feel free to contact us at any time to know more about how we can serve you.

If you want to know how much your web site will cost with Site-Pro, go ahead and try our online estimator. You will be able at the end of this exercise to email us as well as yourself a copy of the estimate.

Starter Package

Starter Package

The Site-Pro Starter Package gives you a complete and dynamic web site. It includes:

  • A preliminary meeting that will help us in understanding your requirements;

  • Submit and help you choose from dozens of beautifully designed templates;

  • Up to six web pages (one language);

  • Two menus applied on all pages;

  • A Frontpage Slideshow with up to five slides;

  • Domain name registration for one year;

  • SEO basic optimisation;

  • Adding Meta Title and Keywords on all pages;

  • Configure a Google Analytics account for the site.


Multiple Languages

Reach more customers by proposing your web site in several languages. Our sites will enable your readers to dynamically switch between languages, going directly into the translated page without having to come back to the home page.

Graphic Content

Contenu graphique

Le contenu graphique augmente la lisibilité d’un site web et facilite la communication des informations aux visiteurs. Ces attributs visuels contribuent aussi à donner du caractère au site, contribuant à sa définition identitaire.
Si vous voulez insérer des photos, à partir des banques iStock photos, on trouvera une sélection adéquate qui représentent au mieux la nature de votre entreprise. Si vous n’avez pas encore de logos pour le site ou vous voudriez développer du contenu graphique sur-mesure, nous nous ferons un plaisir d'en faire la conception pour vous.



An embedded movie clip can bring you even closer to your customer. There are different ways to have movies on your site. If you already have the clip posted on Youtube, the movie can be framed and viewed on your site. Otherwise, we can optimize for the web and post it on your web site.

Photo Galleries

If you have some images of either your location or your products, we can use them to do some cool animations. We can implement a vertical or horizontal scroller, implement a slide show, or create a dedicated page as a Gallery.

Content Management

Take control of your site and manage its content on your own. Add your web pages and edit existing content, keeping your site fresh and current. Maintain a blog that can help you keep in touch with your customers. Display a calendar to let your readers know about your activities and draw them to your place of business.
With every option of the content management category of the estimator, we include a relating half an hour training, to help you master its main features.

Social Networking

Social Networking

If you are new to Facebook, we can help you create a Facebook page for your company and show you how to populate it. We will then integrate it into your web site as shown here.

If Twitter is a more adequate tool for your marketing needs, we can also help you in opening an account and integrate the tweets on your web site.

Now if you want your web pages to be mentioned on the social media sites, the best way is to implement social buttons for your readers to like and share. This can be a great tool to bring more traffic to your web site and create a buzz about your business.

Registration Forms

Registration Forms

Do you want to post a form online for your readers to fill and send back to you? This can help initiate a first contact with your prospective customers while helping you streamline certain procedures such applications and applications.

E-Mail Newsletters

E-Mail Newsletters

Keep in touch with your customers by sending them an electronic newsletter. There are specialized newsletter applications, that will help the process of sending a large number of mail messages. We can help on setting this application as well as prepare for you a template that you can use for your messages.

Please note that if your site is being hosted through Site-Pro, the newsletters should comply with the upcoming Canadian anti-Spam legislation.

Event Manager

Event Manager

If you organize events and want to streamline the process online, an Event Manager will give you the right tools. Through the Event Manager, we can setup the registration; collect registrant information and payment if needed.

Event Manager enables the setting of group discount, early bird registration, and even late fees. It is linked to a calendar and you can export the list of registration records to an Excel file.

e-Commerce Solutions

e-Commerce Solutions

As an increasing number of businesses are posting and selling their products online, many e-commerce solutions are available. The cost of implementation of such a solution depends on the scope of what is being sold and the payment gateway that is required. In an effort to make the options that we are proposing on the online estimator simple to understand, we listed 3 alternatives of e-commerce. One to be considered if you have under 20 products, one under 50, and finally one under 100 products. If you have a need for a larger solution, we will need to meet with you and understand your needs.

Cool Features

Cool Features

We include here a series of cool features that we can implement to make your web site more dynamic.
If you need a feature that you don’t see over here, feel free to contact us and we can discuss its implementation.